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🛠️ Installation

You can find a starter template for LazyVim here

Install the LazyVim Starter

  • Make a backup of your current Neovim files:

    # required
    mv ~/.config/nvim{,.bak}

    # optional but recommended
    mv ~/.local/share/nvim{,.bak}
    mv ~/.local/state/nvim{,.bak}
    mv ~/.cache/nvim{,.bak}
  • Clone the starter

    git clone ~/.config/nvim
  • Remove the .git folder, so you can add it to your own repo later

    rm -rf ~/.config/nvim/.git
  • Start Neovim!


    Refer to the comments in the files on how to customize LazyVim.


It is recommended to run :LazyHealth after installation. This will load all plugins and check if everything is working correctly.