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Core Plugins

LazyVim provides a set of preconfigured plugins enabled by default. All you need to do to utilize these plugins is install the LazyVim starter template.

  • Coding: Faster coding with features such as snippets, autocompletion, and more.
  • Colorscheme: Default color schemes (TokyoNight and Catppuccin).
  • Editor: Provides functionality like a file explorer, search and replace, fuzzy finding, git integration.
  • Formatting: Set up formatters using conform.nvim.
  • Linting: Manage linters with the nvim-lint plugin.
  • LSP: configure the Language Server Protocol (LSP) client.
  • TreeSitter: advanced syntax highlighting and plugins that use Treesitter parsers
  • UI: Enhance the user interface with features such as status line, buffer line, indentation guides, dashboard, and icons.
  • Util: Contains utilities for session management, shared functionality, and other handy tools.

For detailed information on the default configurations of each plugin set and instructions on customizing them, refer to the respective documentation linked above.