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LazyVim provides multiple ways to configure keymaps. If you want to override an existing mapping, make sure to disable it first in the correct place.

Global keymaps

Global keymaps are keymaps that are always active. You can configure them in your lua/config/keymaps.lua file. Default LazyVim keymaps can be deleted with vim.keymap.del.

Plugin keymaps

For more info on configuring plugin keymaps, see Adding & Disabling Plugin Keymaps

LSP keymaps

These are the default keymaps that will be added when an LSP server is attached to the current buffer. For more info see Customizing LSP Keymaps

LSP Server keymaps

Sometimes it may be necessary to add keymaps for a specific LSP server. Lazyutils provides a keys LSP option for this purpose.

opts = {
servers = {
tsserver = {
keys = {
{ "<leader>co", "<cmd>TypescriptOrganizeImports<CR>", desc = "Organize Imports" },
{ "<leader>cR", "<cmd>TypescriptRenameFile<CR>", desc = "Rename File" },